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A two-minute breathing exercise to ease anxiety and stress.


Taking some time to breathe can help with stress, anxiety, anger... It can give you the space to pause, slow down or even find focus and clarity. Here is a breathing exercise that only takes a couple of minutes. You can practice this seated with a tall spine or lying down.

Rest one hand to your belly and one hand on your heart.

Take a few moments to settle.

Close your eyes or find a soft gaze.

Notice how your natural breath moves and feels.

Notice any sensations that come up as you settle.

Be with that for a few breaths.

Take a breath in through your nose.

Feel the breath fill you up, moving deep into the belly and then up into your chest.

Feel the gentle expansion of your belly and chest into your hands as you breathe in and the relaxation as you breathe out.

Stay with this breath for a minute or so, or as long as you need.

Like anything new, it may take a few attempts at practicing this breath for it to feel comfortable. Some days might be easier than others, but give it a try. Once this way of breathing becomes more natural to you, you can do it anywhere and use it anytime you need to.

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