Classes at Be You Yoga and Movement

Morning Flow / Evening Flow – with Nia

Fun, fluid and playful vinyasa flows cleverly pieced together to develop freedom of breath, movement, power and feel good endorphins! Finishing up with a nourishing relaxation.  A mixed level class. 

Mens Yoga - with Nia 

A class focused on flexibility, mobility, strength and breath. A mixed level, vinyasa style class and open to all. 

Slow Flow to Yin -with Nia  

In this nourishing, relaxing class we move through low impact, flowing sequences. Much of the class is seated or low to the ground,  finishing the class with some longer hold, Yin inspired postures to get into the deep layers of the body. Perfect if you are a beginner or have a more advanced practice. 

Yoga for all - with Suzanne 

Hatha Yoga class with focus on mindfulness, relaxation and rejuvenation, flexibility, posture and vitality. A class suitable for all abilities, beginners welcome. 

Vinyasa -with Suzanne

A class for students looking to deepen their spiritual practice. Focus on meditation, pranayama & mind-body-spirit connection. Some experience of yoga is beneficial but all are welcome to come along if they would like a challenge. 

Pregnancy Yoga -with Louise
Nourishment for your mind, body, soul & baby.  Classes will include movement & breath practices to help keep you strong, mobile and healthy throughout pregnancy as well as the restorative healing effects of relaxation and or Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep/guided meditation). For beginner or more experienced yogis.  

Integrative Yoga with Lou

A slow, deep, strengthening and meditative practice, exploring relationships in the body and to our touch with the ground. A scaravelli-inspired class, open to all ages and abilities.

Dance for Well-being with Geraldine

This class is geared towards participants who like to move at a steady low impact pace with well-being, through dance at its core. Learn dance combinations and routines to improve your posture, co-ordination, strength, and general fitness.

Contemporary / Creative Dance with Geraldine

Explore the natural energy of the body through contemporary dance exercises and choreographed sequences; create your own movement ideas and express yourself through structured creative tasks. Boost your physical and mental well-being; have fun! Although this class is geared for the slightly more mature participant, everyone is welcome”

Teen Yoga with Nia

A class dedicated to teen girls. Holding space for teens to be fully themselves, guiding them to find or continue an all rounded yoga practice including movement, (strength and flexibility), stress relief and relaxation. A place to connect to themselves and with each other.   

Junior Yoga, ages 6-12  -with Nia

: An interactive and social yoga class, where connection and co-creation is so important. Breath work, movement, partner yoga, games and so much more.

Dynamix Dance Classes: - learn a range of techniques including Ballet, Modern Jazz, Contemporary and Street Dance. Learning routines to perform in annual shows (or just come along for fun). An encouraging & confidence building enviroment.