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1. The Earth Star Chakra

Our chakras are our energy centres: complex and ancient systems that originate in India as part of ancient Vedic healing practices - dating as far back as 1500 BC!

Yogis have worked with the chakra system for thousands of years, as well as other healing modalities such as acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine. All of which practices crucially acknowledge the blocked flow of energy as a root cause of disease or pain. In simple terms, the process of 'unblocking' at certain energy points therefore helps alleviate pain and discomfort - both in the body and in the mind.

Earth Star Chakra

Some words taken from the amazing book -

The Earth Star Chakra, or Vasundhara in Sanskrit, literally translates to "daughter of the Earth." Thus, this energy centre is your oldest spiritual home. Connecting to the Earth Star allows you to ground and root our collective energy.

How do I ground through the Earth Star?

Walking - the best way to re-ground is to take a walk outside, barefoot if you can. Being physically closer to Earth helps you to tune back into your Earth Star chakra and to a more calming state of mind.

Yoga - certain yoga poses such as Mountain Pose, or Tadasana, can help you open your Earth Star chakras. To practice the mountain pose, you must stand upright, with your knees slightly bent forwards, your feet together but your toes separate, your neck aligned with your spine, your shoulders firmly held back, and your palms open and facing forward. Take deep breaths as you hold this position for a few minutes.

Gemstones & Essential Oils

As well as through yoga, you can help awaken the Earth Star with specific gemstones, herbs and essential oils.

Black Kyanite - clears all energies from people, places and things. It serves as the Great Broom, releasing and redirecting energies that are no longer serving you.

Sardonyx - the warrior stone of endurance and expanded capacity, reminds you that you are much stronger than you think. Hold this stone in meditation to connect to your inner warrior any time you find yourself in a challenging situation.

Petrified Wood - is deoxygenated, fossilised branches and trunks of ancient trees. Within the swirls of purple, orange, red and brown tones you can find pathways to the magic centre of Earth.

White Ceremonial Sage - when burned, is revered for its power to clear low, negative, or stuck frequencies. Allow the smoke to envelope you, and into it release any energies, sensations or emotions that are no longer serving you.

Pink Peppercorn - either in whole, powdered or essential oil form, brings protection, grounding and courage.

Galangal Root - facilitates a contact with spirit guides and is very protective of overall physical health, especially the central nervous system.

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