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The Root Chakra

Lift up and root down.

Second in our journey through the chakras is the Root Chakra.

A quick recap...

Our chakras are our energy centres: complex and ancient systems that originate in India as part of ancient Vedic healing practices - dating as far back as 1500 BC!

Yogis have worked with the chakra system for thousands of years, as well as other healing modalities such as acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine. All of which practices crucially acknowledge the blocked flow of energy as a root cause of disease or pain. In simple terms, the process of 'unblocking' at certain energy points therefore helps alleviate pain and discomfort - both in the body and in the mind.

Root Chakra

Some words taken from the amazing book -

The Root Chakra sits at the base of your tailbone and is the centre of stability. When it is out of alignment, you feel anxious, nervous, dizzy, or as if you have vertigo. When this chakra is overactive, you feel unable to make progress in your life, on personal or professional levels, and you feel stagnant in your primary relationships. Both extremes feel deeply troubling to you, as if your very life depends on the adjustment.

When your root chakra is active, clear, and functioning well, you are free to move confidently in the world, knowing you are safe, supported, and seen.


How do I ground through the Root Chakra?

If you're feeling un-driven, quick to anger, self-conscious, controlling or out of control, your root chakra might need some balancing. When you work to ground through the root chakra you will find more energy and self-confidence rather than anger or fear, and you feel calm, centred and ready for what life brings. Here are some ways to start grounding:

Dance - any kind of dancing! It doesn't matter if you look or feel silly, close the door if you have to and just let your body move. This is one of the best ways to balance the root chakra, just let go and loose yourself in a blissful moment.

Yoga - yoga poses such as tree pose help you to root and ground simultaneously, which is why it is particularly great for cleansing the root chakra. Focus on firmly planting your left foot the the ground, don't lift your right foot until you feel a strong connection to the mat. When you're ready, begin lifting your right foot, do it in stages to keep your balance. Keep your hip points square and facing front as you place your right foot anywhere on your left leg. Be creative and make your tree pose your own. Feel supported and connected to the earth as you hold your tree pose for 5 to 8 breaths before switching sides.

Red - yep, the colour red. The root chakra is recognised as the colour red, so even visualising the colour will help cleanse this chakra. You could also simply wear the colour in clothing, or in crystals around your neck, eat earthy naturally red vegetables such as beetroot, squash or carrots - the redder the better, or try smelling cinnamon - in a candle in a nice herbal tea.


Gemstones & Herbs

As well as through yoga, you can help awaken the root chakra with specific gemstones:

Black Tourmaline - guards its keeper and her property with the utmost care and devotion. It is the most protective stone in the mineral kingdom.

Jet - is a product of wood that is decayed and deoxygenated under high pressure. Used for protection from disease or ill-health.

Onyx - absorbs low vibrations within people or places. It is believed to make the bearer physically strong and invincible, and to attract good luck.

Red Aventurine - purifies and detoxifies energy frequencies to help clear stored trauma. It helps facilitate strong circulation in the body, releasing stored toxins and improving blood flow.


Clove - brings protection and attracts what you seek; it also helps you connect to memories of love and safety from childhood.

Rosemary - helps clear stuck energies.

Allspice - draws money to the bearer and ensures good fortune.

Nutmeg - ensures loyalty and luck.

Cedarwood - grounds and strengthens the physical body.


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