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Wild Swimming and why you should try it.

All the Wim Hof fans out there this one's for you.

At Be You we are great advocates for getting outside and being in nature as an integral part of a healthy, happy life.

Now that Summer has arrived, we are finding more and more opportunity to get outside and it feels GREAT.

In being lucky enough to live near the coast here in west Wales, we have found a dip in the sea has become just as regular as walking the dog!

What is it about the cold water that makes us feel rejuvenated?

Is it the initial shock of the drop in temperature; that glorious jolt that seems to freeze your whole body for a split second, and then pop your head back up to realise the shock was worth it! Or perhaps you prefer easing yourself in to the cold water, letting your body climatise to the fresher surroundings and slowly melting into a slow breast stroke once you know you're fully prepared...

However you choose to swim in the sea, there's no right or wrong way of course, but next time you do, why not make note of how it makes you feel. As you're in it and after you're out. For us, it's sort of feels like a shedding of sorts... that whatever you went in holding on to, has disappeared once you come out.

Cold water swimming can bring a fresh perspective because it acts like a wake up call for your mind and body, a shock to the system to maybe change or sway a trail of thought that is not serving you.

It brings you back to the present, very quickly! Mainly because of the cold, but also in realising that your troubles are forgotten for a time, and that all you are focussing on is the present moment. There's something quite special about that!

In this Lulu Lemon article, they speak of the benefits of cold water swimming as a group, which is a brilliant idea. There are a few groups doing this in our local area, like The Ceredigion Bluetits who meet informally to swim and chat together.

Join their Facebook group to get involved, there is also a Pembrokeshire group :-) go on gals!

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