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Overwhelmed? Try these top tips for staying grounded, calm and aligned this Christmas

~ get outside; being in nature is the ultimate way to get grounded - rain or shine try to get outside everyday

~ move a little (or a lot). It’s OK to choose a way to move that makes you happy, it doesn’t have to look or be a certain way

~ take a few minutes to consciously breathe/meditate each day (you could follow a guided meditaion/put on some music, light a candle, do it whilst out walking - find a way that works and isn't too much of a 'chore'.

~ try to switch off and take breaks throughout your day from screens /phones / social media it may be adding to the 'idealization' or 'comparison' around Christmas (and to the usual every day stresses too)

~ listen to your body; some days that might mean a sofa day with your favourite films, other days a long hike or ticking off your to do list

~ switch off the news from time to time; the news can feel scary, create anxiety and fill our heads with worry - if you feel any of these emotions/feelings take a break from the news for a few days and see how you feel

~ take some time out for you to do the things you enjoy; plans at Christmas can be overwhelming and time can fly so if you need some down time or play time, make it a priority

~ write. Your thoughts, gratitude's, feelings. Anything. Let the words flow and your stress ease.

~ herbal teas to help alleviate stress or anxiety containing herbs such as; chamomile, Valerian root, lemon balm, passionflower. Herbal teas to aid grounding could contain; ginger, turmeric, liquorice root, cinnamon.

~ give yourself a mini face, hand or foot massage using your favourite creams / oil’s. Even just a few minutes can ease feelings of stress & anxiety and helps you to take a little pause in your day.

~ hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (oh and remember to eat those fruits and veggies too!)

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