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A love of Lavender...


Soothing, Calming, Gentle, Familiar.

Lavender is known to most of us for it's beautiful, aromatic smell but for centuries this much loved herb has been widely used for it's healing properties. The ancient Greeks used it to treat insect bites as well as stomach disorders, while the ancient Egyptians placed it in tombs of royalty.

Lavender brings calm and peace and invites a sense of complete wellbeing. It is helpful for relieving anxiety or depression as it has relaxing properties that are perfect for bringing peace to the overactive or anxious mind.

Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath and immerse yourself in it's purifying qualities. Or soak a small muslin cloth in some lavender water, let it dry, then sleep with it next to your pillow for a calming night's sleep.

In our upcoming newsletters and blogs, we'll be offering some advice on how we can incorporate plants and botanicals into our daily lives, and into our Yoga practice, to help us gain from their many remarkable qualities. Click this link for a quick insight into how to bring essential oils in your practice. We'll have more on this very soon.

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