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Heidi Plant at Be Well

We're thrilled to have some of Heidi's beautiful illustrations on our new Be Well window.

The space has lovely big windows, so we didn't want to cover them up with curtains but at the same time we wanted people to feel relaxed and cosy within the space. So we thought why not part-cover them with something beautiful to look at... Enter Heidi!

'My work is an expression of my everyday life as a creative mother of 3. Inspired by playfulness and chaos, naive material inquiry and a dream like narrative that flows through life and work.'

Heidi lives just up the road so we feel privileged to be able to work with such talented people to help make our new space look and feel that little bit special. Thank you Heidi!

Have a look at Heidi's Instagram and Website to see more of her beautiful work, and pop in to see us at Be Well to see her masterpiece in person :-)

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