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Christmas Inspiration

If you find yourself in a bit of a rut this Christmas here are a few ideas to spark some joy

~ finish that unfinished book or find a book that calls to you

~ be kind, do a selfless act for someone you know or a stranger in need

~ try something new (a dip in the sea, paint, sing, forage, bake, skate, sew).

~ write a story that is 100 words long

~ find a new walk. What do you see, hear, smell & feel as you explore this new route

~ practice that posture or dance move you have yet been able to master and have fun trying

~ create a warming winter meal with an ingredient you have never used before

~ get up early enough to watch the sunrise

~ message or call that family member, friend, colleague that you haven’t yet had the chance to do

~ listen to a style of music or radio station you wouldn’t usually choose

~ pick your favourite 3 films of all time and re-watch, or switch with a friend/family member and watch theirs

~ watch or listen to that podcast or documentary about a subject you are interested in but never usually have the time

~ try making honey & ginger switchel. Recipe here:

~ get creative; whether it’s taking and editing photos, making a collage, drawing the scene from your window, writing a poem or anything else - let yourself get completely lost in getting creative without worrying if the final result is a masterpiece

~ have a bath. Music, candles, the works - you deserve it

~ work out (yoga, pilates, dance, run, swim - whatever it may be for you) by listening to your body and moving accordingly. Sometimes this might last 5 minutes, other times it may be an hour! Trust Yourself.

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